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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the first time you have booked a DJ for your event? You are not alone! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by clients looking for a mobile DJ in Connecticut.

Will you play the music we ask you to?

I will personally work with you to play the music you want at your event. Just like a caterer will serve the food you and your guests will find delicious, I  will play the music that you and your guests will enjoy dancing to!

Is there CT Sales Tax on DJ Service?

NO, NO , NO! The State of Connecticut DOES NOT collect State Sales Tax from Disc Jockey services!!

Click Here to View the CT DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SERVICES List of Taxable Services

If you have been charged CT Sales Tax by any DJ- REPORT THEM TO THE CT DRS!!

Can we "see you in action" anywhere?


YES! We have a fantastic collection of  Video Montage's  put together for just that purpose. Because all of our events are private functions , we cannot invite you to see us at a clients event. The Video Montage page on my website gives you the opportunity to see us at many different events all in the comfort and convenience of your home!

Do we need to tip the DJ?


Tipping is always appreciated. The price you pay isn't the price the DJ earns. This is a service industry- and the DJ get's a set price. Even me- the owner of the company! When it comes to big events, such as weddings or birthday parties, the standard tip is often a percentage of the total fee. WeddingZone suggests a tip of 10% to 15%, while The Knot recommends a tip range of $50 to $150 for a DJ. Whether you tip $20 or $150 it's always appreciated !


Are you insured?


ABSOLUTELY! And you should ask this of all your DJ's! And they should happily supply you and  your facility with a Certificate of Insurance if they require it. I can also add your facility as an 'additional insured' under the policy if they require that as well. 

What is your cancellation policy?


Sometimes things happen and it has an impact on your event.


I am extremly flexible and I  will work with you to come to a mutually fair solution.

Never to call it a cancellation unless absolutely necessary! A better solution is to 'postpone' the event to a new date.  I always  allow clients to postpone their original date FREE OF CHARGE- as long as the new date is within 6 months of the original date.

This is why a postponement is the best course of action in an emergency.


Here are some more helpful tips that will help you find the right DJ company:


Email 5 different DJ services-see how long it takes to get an email back. And look carefully!

Is it an automated computer generated response?

Do they have their own pictures and videos for you to see? Or are they 'stock' pictures and video of other companies events?

Call 5 different DJ services. This one is easy! How many answer the phone?

How many call back the same day?  Cross of those who take days to respond.


Look at the websites!  Are they professionally crafted with ease of navigation ?
Or are they messy and hard to use?


A great DJ service wants you to find  information and booking options easily!


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